Essay from Shokhida Jurayeva

Give the child a book….

A book statue has been erected in one of the small Norwegian towns. Amazing! “We will remember you, we will not forget you, book” is written on the statue. It’s almost like a memory. This is how they expressed their attitude to the book, what did we do? Like a young child, we are still arguing about whether it is a book or a phone. Although we don’t give children books… we don’t write as many books as before…

Today, “My child looks at the phone a lot, does not read books. There were no current books, is this a book?” there are more people who scold him. There are many parents who say, “Son, read a book.” Many people don’t like me writing about a book when the phone is in fashion. Because they don’t read books themselves.

The girl next door made me write this article. Once when I asked him what book he was reading, he laughed at me strangely, and I will never forget that laugh. The representative of this generation, who has never opened a book other than a textbook, made me uneasy. I’m not feeling well now. In the book… I will not write about the value of the book, how much it is food for human spirituality. After all, a lot has been written about it. I agree with Jorge Luis Borges that heaven must be a place like a book. Because books that most people consider lifeless can prove to them how illiterate they are. There are many such examples today…

“A book should be given to a child at school. If he grows up with a book, he will be a friend even when he grows up. I lead the Kitosevarlar circle. Most of the young people who attend my club read the book for a purpose, not for spiritual pleasure. Someone wants to win a Spark, another wants to study. I am afraid of the need for books for this materiality… I am surprised that some countries still do not give up books. Italians stop watching television for their children after the age of five. In Japan, a seven-year-old child must know at least 10 fairy tales. The use of these methods by the countries that make it possible to read books will be effective if they are introduced to us as well.

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