Essay from Shokirova Zarnigor Shuhratjanovna

Young Central Asian woman with straight black hair and brown eyes, wearing a white collared top.
Shokirova Zarnigor Shuhratjanovna

You don’t even understand your situation. What is your purpose in life? You can’t find an answer to the question. Dreams and dreams are tormenting and will not let you rest. In Miyyang’s mind, dreams are spinning like a tornado without stopping. Well, ask yourself a question…

“Who am I?” “

“Where am I going?! ”

What is the result of my life? ”

What is the end? “

You want to find answers to the questions, but there is no answer, there is no answer that satisfies you. Because you are a stone that has not yet been polished, and has hardened at the bottom of the mountain. Harsangtash. You are a harsangtash who approves as “nice” no matter who takes it in any direction. My last word! Or polish yourself like a diamond and shine like the sun on the top of the mountain. Or simply act as a “couch” to help the “future shiny diamonds” who are looking for the top of the mountain to get some rest.

 You don’t want to.

It’s not what you dreamed of, is it? Polish it, that is, change. Be a billionaire who achieves results based on a plan, not a child who wants to get what he sees. The main thing…

You are there.

You are ready to polish.

You are ready to climb to the top of the mountain and become a precious diamond that shines like the bright sun.

Are you tired?

Can’t you stand it?

Do you want to stop?

When you face such a situation, say these things to yourself!

“You haven’t found the diamond hidden in the stone yet.” You are not at the top of the mountain. You haven’t started to shine yet. Choose ! Either you will be patient and continue on your way, or you will act as a “recreational chair”…

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  1. Is it? It is that we are wherein all species has been joined to Wo/Man of homo sapien , birthing now as voice life of Earth.

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