Essay from Sitorakhon Buriyeva

Awareness is the need of the hour!

Life is an unrepeatable miracle in which many people are born. As long as a person breathes this air in this world, it means that he is a part of this nature of this world. Man lives in agony without any body part. Therefore, God first creates a person. A person is not born good or bad, on the contrary, he is brought up by the family environment and the upbringing of society. There are people who are the singers of goodness, on the contrary, it can be said with a thousand regrets that there are no people who promote evil in this world, just like the other side of the coin.

         We are now living in the era of 21st century technology-technology “Globalization”, this modern technology is good, developed because many technologies lighten the burden of man. But there are those who promote them wrongly, because of this evil evils such as “Terrorism”, “Extremism”, “Religious fanaticism”, “Human trafficking” are spreading in the society. So what should we do at such a time? This is how we answer this question, let’s be careful, friends.

Let’s take a look at the past. In that case, if a war broke out between one country, it could have been prevented, because the enemy was known, nowadays it is difficult to understand people with bad habits and negative ideas at the same time. Those who do not return, who are subject to lust, their only goal is to earn money, they are those who do not understand the beauty of life, do not find in it, do not enjoy it, and do not know how to live in life.

Therefore, the demand of today’s era is awareness, vigilance. Let’s not forget that everything in this world is done according to the will of man. Money earned in an easy and illegal way will not bring you benefit, on the contrary, it will make you miserable, illegal money will destroy a person. The fruit of honesty is always sweet. Life is beautiful only if you want it to be. Be careful friends!

          Sitorakhon Buriyeva

Buriyeva Sitorakhan Azamatovna was born in 2001 in Kumkurgan district of Surkhandarya region. Currently, he is a 3rd year student of the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, Ilhom.

A member of the literary club, a young volunteer of the “Golden Wing” organization. His creative works have been published in Kenyan magazines. He is an ambassador on behalf of Uzbekistan in several international organizations.

In particular: Africa Nigeria is the ambassador of the organization “Global Education Ambassador” at Wisdom University of the country.

Member of the International Union of Writers of Science and Literature “Juntos por las Letras” of Argentina.