Essay from Yahya Azeroglu

Yayha Azeroglu


With the death of the valuable leader of the Turkish world, Gazi Mustafa Kamal Atatürk, in the Dolmabahçe Palace on 10/11/1938 at 09:05, the great Turkish world was left orphaned and since that day, we live in a world without Atatürk, with the awareness that that great personality cannot be replaced. We continue to walk on the great Turan path he showed, with confident steps, without falling into pessimism. 

As every year, on this day, November 10, 2023, Ataturk Commemoration Day is held. In this context, the world leader, the Great Leader veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, on his way to a life of 57 years, not only as a commander who successfully managed the War of Independence of the Turkish nation, but also The works he performed for the country were written in golden letters in history...Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk fit 11 wars, 24 medals, 7 state decorations, 13 books, 38 factories and many military achievements and titles into his 57-year life. It was not enough, to be the "sick man" 

He established a bright new Republic from a so-called empire. He was both a very good soldier and a very successful statesman. He took science and reason as his guide. He had endless faith in this country and its people. He was the genius of the century, that great personality was blessed with these lands. And unfortunately, the Turkish world was left an orphan after he was sent off to eternity on November 10, 1938. 

To date, statues of that great personality have been erected in 35 countries, 35 squares were named after him, we can list the countries where his statue was erected as follows. Chile, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, India, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Australia, Romania, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Poland, Belgium, Peru, Dominique, New Zealand, Italy, Macedonia, Israel, America, Azerbaijan, Santuago. The death of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, whose statue was erected in many countries, was widely covered in the world press. 

The fact that 22 news and 265 articles were published in the French press alone is a sign of how important a genius Atatürk was. While remembering him with respect, respect and longing, we should not forget his words. I think it is necessary... "My spiritual heritage is science and reason. Those who want to adopt me after me, if they accept the guidance of reason and science on this basic axis, they will be my spiritual heirs." 


West and east of Turkey, Atatürk ON NOVEMBER 10 While commemorating Ataturk on the tenth of November, our hearts actually cried, Life does not flow smoothly without him, Crying and whining are useless, Believe me, words are not enough, While commemorating Ataturk on the tenth of November. Start good deeds for him, Surround your heart with his love, Learn him, understand him and keep him alive, While commemorating Atatürk on November ten. Let the whole world listen to our speech, Let the whole world ring from our voices, Write books so that the new generation will understand, While we commemorate Atatürk on November ten. Azeroğlu, don't forget Atatürk, We brought Hatay to our country with great difficulty, Hit the roots of the bad people with an ax, While commemorating Atatürk on November ten. 

Taken from my book titled "Take an example from Ataturk" published in 2010.

Yahya Azeroğlu/Türkiye.

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