Essay from Zarina Abdulina

Young Central Asian woman with long brown hair and a colorful pink and purple jacket over a white blouse standing in a room next to a ladder.
Zarina Abdulina

Volunteering is not a job, not a hobby, not a passion – it’s a calling!

Help people, communicate with people, invaders, implement the most insignificant ideas, study. It helps not to sit still, but to move forward. Volunteer activity now is exactly what helps a person to remain a person, helps to melt hearts.

For me, volunteering means more than just a word. I think a volunteer is a person for whom there are no limits to the kindness and desire of girls. This is a person who improves every day and fulfills his treasury of good deeds, and even the smallest, but good deed is already good, a volunteer not only fulfills himself, but also helps others to realize themselves. Volunteers gather information for anyone in need, they don’t come back from those in need and help in any way they can.

Now, I am a volunteer coordinator. I myself chose this path, and even if there are small troubles along the way, I will try to overcome them easily.

I believe that everyone has the right to decide their own destiny, we must move our country to a higher level of development, gradually the patriotic spirit of all people must be developed gradually on the rise, on the rise of volunteers doing great work in their regions and the country as a whole. I have been volunteering for only a short time, but I have already learned a lot. I try to cultivate patriotism in myself, love for work, I learn to implement my own health and the health of loved ones, the main desire is to live with my soul and good deeds. I am full of ideas, and I bring them to reality, so I am not going to stop there, but I plan to move on and conquer new heights.

Being a volunteer is an adult, to increase responsibility, to be able to take the necessary words in a working situation.

There are many examples of volunteer activities, and this is wonderful, because anyone can be involved in it without spending any special individuals. Sometimes I get the feeling that it was not me who came to help them, but they came to me. You remember these conversations for a long time, every time you get up in the morning, you think whether you are worthy of this life.

Volunteers do not need to be paid for their services, in most cases, probably because it is not fair. It is dishonest in identifying people around you, in recognizing people, objects you helped, dishonest in identifying yourself, because the best result is the realization of your usefulness to whom you need. Volunteering is a great contribution to the foundation of the future.

When I help others, I show in myself the strength to accomplish feats. I do not have to sit still if I know that my help is needed and I have the time and opportunity to help. I do not ask for anything in return/ Fs a result in return I take wonderful emotions.


Student (3rd year) of  Bashkir State Pedagogical University

named after M.Akmullah

Zarina Abdulina was born on November 20, 2000 in the city of Tashkent in an ordinary family. She was an only child and a support.

After graduating from school in 2016, she entered in academic lyceum at Tashkent State Pedagogical lyceum named after Nizami and graduated with honors. In 2020, she became a student of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M.Akmulla, Faculty of English Pedagogy.

She began her professional career in 2019 at school No. 291 of the Bektemir district, where she proved herself to be a responsible and performing employee, also showed herself as a young journalist in the press service of the khokimiyat of the Bektemir district and was awarded a number of diplomas and thanks.

Zarina Abdulina is actively working in the public education system, making an exemplary contribution to improving the effectiveness of the state youth policy, educating spiritual, talented and creative young people.

Z. Abdulina, having the opportunity to speak fluently in 6 languages of the world at the same time, has recently been helping schools to educate young boys and girls like her and find their place in our society on the basis of the “Ustoz va shogird” project.

Since 2020, the newspaper “Bektemir haqiqati” has been publishing articles in English and Russian in the direction of youth policy in our republic and in the development of socio-economic spheres.

Since 2021, she has become the founder of the “I am a Volunteer” social project in the Bektemir district, and together with her team helps people with disabilities, a boarding school, and low-income families.

Zarina is respected by leaders and officials for her deep knowledge, many years of experience, exactingness, initiative and organization, discipline, exemplary behavior, sincere disposition. Based on her work experience, she honestly and conscientiously performs any work assigned to her. There is one very good expression: “Throwing a boomerang of actions, think about how you will catch the boomerang of consequences.” Doing good to others now, we rely on their help in the future. Well, he always finds his way to the right people and we don’t have to bypass him.