Essay from Zarina Abdulina (first of a series)

“Every teacher should be a psychologist, every psychologist an educator”

“The most important phenomenon in the school, the most instructive subject, the most living example for the student is the teacher himself or herself.”

~ Zarina Abdulina

In the creative pedagogical activity of a teacher, the key to success is the very process of creativity. The teacher acts as a comrade-in-arms, friend for children. Co-creation excludes an arrogant view of the child from the standpoint of adult experience. And in order to teach children something and raise real people out of them, it is necessary to focus on their requirements for us, teachers, and not just focus them on our requirements.

At present, when a person finds himself in a rapid flow of information, a lot is required from a teacher who adapts a growing person to these conditions. He must know and understand everything, be better and more perfect than any ordinary person. An ideally good teacher should rise above the human mass, demonstrating his knowledge, diversified development and bright talent!

The child begins to explore the world from the first day of his birth. Knows the subject to find out what it is for and how it is useful. The more things the baby learns, and the deeper he will study them. The concept of “modern teacher” is not limited by any framework. But at all times a teacher for people is a special person, an example for his students for life.

Thus, it turns out that a truly invaluable teacher is competent in many areas, teachers, psychologists, who are able to combine humanity and exactingness, and of course, love for their subject and mastery of its subtleties. The combination of these qualities helps the teacher to fulfill his main mission.

We all live in times of change: society, laws, charters, requirements for the school, for students, and, accordingly, for teachers are changing. But at the same time, the teacher’s ability to BE should remain unchanged: to be literate and competent, to be open to the different opinions of students and, of course, to be a person himself, and not a bureaucratic machine for the child, in order to hear him not only with ears, but also with his heart. Be sure to be, not to seem.

In the light of the foregoing, a rather serious problem in the pedagogical process of preparing a teacher of a particular subject is the transformation of the student’s personality in the future as a teacher-master (he will become a professional teacher in the process of teaching at school), capable of solving a fairly large variety of tasks related to learning, and education of schoolchildren. After all, a true teacher is also an educator. Unlike a teacher, a teacher teaches students not only their subject, but also teaches them how to live.

In order to be successful in teaching, teachers must have not only a deep knowledge of the subject, but also the most accurate understanding of people, their psyche and behavior. Consequently, a modern teacher is also a subtle psychologist. The teacher must be proficient in child psychology, understand the psychological state of the child and come to the rescue in time in difficult times.

And the last. In our opinion, it is extremely necessary to select teachers for schools, for universities for pedagogical specialties – applicants as strictly and biasedly as is done when enrolling in a higher educational institution. It is our deep conviction that only special individuals should receive the right to be called a teacher. Their pedagogical work should also be evaluated in a special way. To date, the status of a teacher, his financial situation, unfortunately, does not correspond to the importance of solving problems by him. And so we want our schools to always have the happiness of knowledge, the joy of communication in many languages, including foreign ones, an atmosphere of love and creativity, the unity of learning and teaching.

We can talk endlessly about the duties of an educator, but let’s not forget to tell them “Thank you!” for their endless work, patience and love for us, already native children. May your invaluable experience help our children grow up to be worthy and wise people. We wish you health, energy, strength and patience. Let positive, pleasant communication and interesting events adorn your lives.


(student 3rd year) of Bashkir State Pedagogical University

named of after M. Akmullah