Mahjabeen Rafiuddin reviews Michael J. Robinson’s poetry collection From Chains to Freedom

Michael Robinson’s poem collection in his book From Chains to Freedom depicts genuine and authentic lived experiences of many black males in the United States. These poems are timely reminders of how far we have to go in our fight for equity and justice for Black people. He has been writing for a long while. Many admire Michael’s courage, voice and determination to tell his story and open other’s eyes and minds. I love his poem “Moving on with Life.”

After the murder of George Floyd, many of us who have been fighting for justice and equity for many years, want to ensure this is not just a moment of reckoning for racial justice in the United States, but that the momentum continues and becomes a movement. That is my prayer and hope after I read Michael’s book. These poems are great reminders of how we should keep fighting and never give up. Thank you Michael for this five star poem collection to hold us accountable and urge us to be responsible allies and advocates for many who are voiceless.

Middle aged Black man with short hair and brown eyes. He's got a hand on his chin and is facing the camera.
Poet Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson’s book From Chains to Freedom can be ordered directly from the author. Please email Michael at to ask him about a copy!

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