Mixed media from Daniel De Culla

Pen drawing of a figure sitting on a rock playing guitar and someone else lying down in the grass below them. Snowflakes are falling and a house is in the distance.


Snow falls

About that abandoned house

That reminds me

The abandoned road workers’ houses

That are still seen

On the roads of emptied Spain.

When we were little, we liked to go see him

Although our mothers told us:

-Don’t go, he’s going to know you

And then he will come to tell us

That you have done something wrong.

We liked it

Because this character

“The road laborer”

That cleaned the roadsides

At the entrance of the towns

Lefting his jacket in a ditch

And doing nothing

Maybe sometimes playing a guitar

Found without ropes

Settled down with his back

Against the wall of the house

To see if any stranger came

On the regular bus.

Also, because our mothers

Bad-tempered and with bad temper

Told our parents

Whom we always saw

Touching their balls:

-You’re lazier than the road driver’s jacket.

What made us laugh

Like he does to us now

Seeing falling snow 

Under the roadster’s bedroom

That has stuck his head out the window

Scratching it hard with his hands

starting to fall off all his dandruff

Above our heads

That we thought

It was snow falling from Heaven’s ass.

Heaven that, to us, seemed

That was a woman’s ass 

His wife, terrible beast

For her Moon and stars tattoo.

Also, she made us laugh, and a lot

When we listen to her

Telling him jokingly:

-Come in, roadster, close the window

You will see a year’s worth of yarn

And shit for a month

More pieces of cob

That you put behind this ark

Hairy as do you see.

-But what a mess and a glutton you are

He answered her with grace.

-Daniel de Culla