Mixed media from Daniel De Culla


Yesterday I dreamed that I was the King Witiza’s son

That with his brothers and Count Julian

Contributed to the invasion of Spain

By the Arabs, and its subsequent conquest

Dismembering, murdering and raping

Left and right everywhere

Reincarnating me, later, in Cayo Oppio

One of Caesar’s lieutenants

That he wiped his ass with the leaves

From his illustrious works titled

“War of Alexandria”, “War of Africa”

And “Spanish War”

That Caesar did the same while shitting

Although this one liked to clean himself more

With the index and middle fingers

From the left hand

To then write on the walls

With the right hand

Fed his hand with the left

An exquisite “Ave Cesar”.

Then a deliberating body appeared to me

A Cherub or angel with the head of a donkey

Which came from Thartac

God of the Hivites

That he told me that he came

From the Donkeys ‘Temple

That he was the brother of a galleon general

From King Felipe II or Fernando VII

Figures in ignominy, affront

The disgrace and vilification.

As are serial killers

That swarm between Israel and Palestine

Between Russia and Ukraine

Burkina Faso, Somalia, Sudan

Yemen, Myanmar, Nigeria and Syria

Even Mexico drug cartel

With its only idea of subduing the oppressed

With harshness and violence

Harassing, bothering, killing, tyrannizing

In the style of those who have been reincarnated

True beasts of crime

Kaffirs and cannibals who enter

In the dignity and fame to which they are entitled

And that the populace enchants:

The evangelizers who preached

Christian doctrine

To infidels or pagans

Killing, raping, murdering.

Serial killers: Francisco Macías Nguema

Saparmurat Niyazov, François Duvalier

Rafael Trujillo, Enver Hoxha

Mobutu, Ted Bundy.

The most recent: Hitler, Musolini, Franco

Like those of now: Netanyahu and Hamas

In metempsychosis or transmigration

Of the souls of some in those of others

Souls with metastrongyl

Parasite of the lungs of the pig.

In the end, without almost waking up

I turned into steam

Evaporative fart

That dissipated, vanished all the dream.

-Daniel de Culla