Music-Themed Haiku from Maurizio Brancaleoni

Huge church organ in front of a round window on a sunny day. Many pipes.
Per Urna Chahar-Tugchi
S. Maria in Aracoeli

Santo Stefano:
la sua voce raggiunge
l'Ara del cielo

For Urna Chahar-Tugchi
St. Maria in Aracoeli

On Saint Stephen's Day —
her voice reaches into the
Altar of the sky

Beatrice Rana:
il legno carezzato
dal vino vecchio

Beatrice Rana —
the wood caressed
by old wine

Prokofiev: dopo
la sonata riposo
per il violino

Prokofiev —needing
rest after the sonata
the violin

messa a Natale:
ogni canto tradotto
in lievi gesti

Christmas Mass —
every chant translated
in light gestures

Maurizio Brancaleoni has had poetry and prose published in numerous journals and anthologies. 
He has a bilingual blog where he posts literary gems, interviews and translations.