Poem from Nigora Togayeva

Young Central Asian woman with short straight dark hair, a purple turtleneck and a black jacket and a medal on her breast. She's holding a red certificate and standing in front of a bookshelf with several books on display.
Nigora Togayeva

 Think about it, there is a lot of news in the world.
 If you look deeply, you will feel gratitude in your step,
 With pure intentions, you will always be better than the good ones,
 In fact, in this life, conscience is also a dear faith,
 Dear people in new Uzbekistan!

 It's full of possibilities, if you aspire, you'll find the right words.
 Desires are formed, hands bow to the light,
 The people will pray, the slaves who loved the Creator,
 A caravan that has started on the path of truth, dear leader,
 Dear people in new Uzbekistan!

 I love my country, like a mother, like a brother,
 I give my love, there is nothing in my heart,
 I type, I write like a drum.
 The time that praises and applauds its poet is dear,
 Dear people in new Uzbekistan!

 There is courage in their youth, fire in their hearts,
 Old people have strength and courage,
 Friendship, peace, justice are stable in my homeland,
 A piece of land, water, air, sky dear,
 Dear people in new Uzbekistan!

 This country is a big homeland, the nation is different, the wedding is one,
 All have one soul, one dream, one thought,
 It is pride, it is honor, its victory, its melody is the same
 This is the past of the country, dear science and culture,
 Dear people in new Uzbekistan!

 I feel your love like butterflies
 I love you like a child and like mothers,
 Like grains spread on black and white boards,
 Dear every champion who bears his flag,
 Pat every child's head, dear dear,
 The opportunity given in new Uzbekistan dear,
 Dear people in new Uzbekistan!

   KASHKADARYA REGIONAL,                                                                 2022 year
3rd year student of UzJOKU, Kashkadarya region, Nigora Togayeva 

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  1. It is very good to spread happiness in a world busy playing war and creating artificial intelligence, perhaps, also, to kill.
    The happiness is inside us. No more wars; LoveĀ”

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