Poetry by Chloe Schoenfeld


There is nothing

On the other side

We both know this

I am just a figment of

Their imagination

And they are mine

When they knock on the door

I pretend I cannot hear it

They walk around in the blackness

And I walk in the sun

I meet a girl at school

She tells me she remembers

What the darkness feels like

I tell her I do not

I have only ever been in

The Sun

We are friends in a way

That I have never been 

Friends before

Mom tells me that

Girls are not supposed 

To be friends like this

I tell her it feels natural

My Sun fades and

My world grows a little


I tell my Mom that

My world is dim

She tells me that

Everyone’s world is dim

I don’t want to believe her

I want to show her

The door in my room

That closes off the dark

She does not follow me there

I stand in front of the door

And I feel the girl stand beside me

I reach for the handle and

The Sun in my room flickers

The door swings open and

I see myself

He is scared and he is young

And he is me

My Sun flickers out.


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