Poetry from Patrick Sweeney

odyssey of glee and throb    leaving behind stones

our Lady of Akita    violating the laws of physics

mugwort fulfilling its destiny in a cinder strewn lot

bazooka deaf    Uncle Jimmy rolled dead cats under his tongue

offering rhubarb to the woman from another world

tzimtzum    in the breakdown lane of the Cosmos

it's like asking if the Comet Moth will live through the winter

all this way to find a snowflake in the hair of the girl made of stone

she soaks whelk shells as I write in Prussian blue

they're all asleep while I'm running water   running water   running water

after the Chelyabinsk meteor I was back listening to Yes

nearing Mount Unzen I point to where the ropeway should be

this morning I'm dealing with the rapid dialect of sparrows

beginning to understand Ugarte's need for the letters of transit

leaning on a bolt of dyed cloth the Ryukyuan girl checks her messages