Poetry from Abdulquadir Ibrahim Worubata


Life is so precious, and death is a thief.
Your absence has gone through me,
Like a thread through needle.
How much more can my weary heart bear?
When you decided to leave me without a words.
You have stung me with your departure.
When you knew my soul depends upon your nurture.
I have been lost in a fog,
Too much burdened with sorrow,
My life without you will never be the same,
But you have chosen the path without wavering,
How do I grieve with empty arms and a head filled with echoing memory?
Memory that will never be erased,
I cannot see you with outward eyes again
But you are out of my sight, never out of my mind.

Abdulquadir Ibrahim Worubata

3 thoughts on “Poetry from Abdulquadir Ibrahim Worubata

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  2. Very touching words for a loving person in your life. One hurt heart trying to express its deep feelings. Beautiul.

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