Poetry from Abigirl Phiri

Young woman with light brown skin, short dark hair, and a watch and a green flowered blouse standing in front of a brick building.
Abigirl Phiri
Time flies you know

Now you are high then you will feel low
Sun will shine then rain will pour
Last month feels like just a minute ago
How could you just forget and let it go?

They say people come and go
If a door opens, probably one will close
You can’t remember which one you chose
Just continue and find out where it goes

But in the nick of time you will meet
The right person you will keep
On your unforgettable date, he won’t skip
Like when he first kissed you while holding your hips

In the nick of time, you will finally feel
The nice and warmth that will make you heal
You do not care how much is the bill
Yes its true, its something real 


All l have met with is disapproval
The hardest thing one has to face
Discouragement piled over disparagement

Questions and doubts raking your brains
In a turmoil of doubt
Thinking the worst out of yourself

Disapproval, a nip in the bud
Crushes your spirit like a sledgehammer
Leaving you with nothing else but emptiness

Kicked to the curb
Thrown under the bus
No longer under the illusion you are worth anything

Abigirl Phiri is a prolific writer and avid reader. In addition, she is a DPhil in commerce candidate at the University of Zimbabwe who finds solace in penning down poems.

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  1. Illegitimi non carborundum – don’t let the bastards grind you down. Keep going!

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