Poetry from Ahmad Al-Khatat

Ahmad Al-Khatat

Grape Lips

The liquor store said that 
They have sold their last bottle of red wine.
I wanted a woman who rises in my apartment, 
and on the balcony like the sun back in Baghdad.

The snowstorm will not change my feelings about her
I am comfortable and independent just by thinking about her
The wine melting its fruits on her lips
-elucidates why I taste grape after kissing her.

Some people faces are breathing not peaceful, 
It reminds me of the daylight of a hundred men and women who died
I sob for them, and the world took my tears to a particular forest, 
Pour my sorrows’ to lifeless plants, leafless trees, and wasteland creeks.

 The moon in the midnight whispers in my ears
I want to kiss her apple blossoms on her cheeks lightly
I hope that I can farewell my grief the moment I kiss her neck gently 
By then, her warm hands caress my bitter body against her sweet flesh.