Poetry from Akhlima Ankhi

Young Central Asian woman with a peach headscarf with decorative jewels and a pink top standing outside in front of trees.
Akhlina Ankhi

Encumbrance of Beings
Being hot the Earth is melting like a Candle;
Again being ice somewhere!
Nature is restless by unwise deeds
So, humans how will you be tranquil ! 

Man, Be careful.
Today, your show-off civilization is disconsolate.
Europe is almost naked by heat wave.
Often  and often America stays in cold ICU.
In Asia flood fest is going on
Reasonless diving and swimming here and there.
Embracing drought and hunger Africa is on palpitation.
Amazon or Australia is on wild fire. 
Please, tell me.
Whose fault?

What do you feel?
Laments of the rotten heart of Earth
Throbbing like a raped girl.
Carrying the punishment of this sin in your mind and brain;
Pulmo with hundred prick marks 
Sobbing with intense fever–
Because of humans fault.
Yeah, only because of the sin of humans fault.

Being a child of this world how do I forget the sins of Agnate. 
Taking all of responsibilities on my shoulder, to live and to save from the curse of innocent Earth.
Singing hymn for the healthy World.   

Aklima Ankhi, poet, storyteller and translator from Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh. Born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. She has a published poetry named "Guptokothar Shobdochabi" written in Bangla.She is a post graduate in English Literature. As a profession she is a Lecturer in English.