Poetry from Akhlima Ankhi

Young Central Asian woman with a peach headscarf with decorative jewels and a pink top standing outside in front of trees.
Akhlina Ankhi
Filthy Game of Sun and Water

Filthy game between Sun and Water,
Has sharply started severely;
The conspiracy of witch Air
Who is the protagonist by blowing madly.
Innocent Earth shivering with fear.
Water trying to sink the Sun into his strong current with his wet hand 
Trying to extinguish sunshine.
For Water raging earth's heart turns into flood land; blacken the whole world with thick darkness.
Rising up high, Sun attacks mercilessly -
Like a thirsty bitch quaffed water as wine.
By sipping with greedy lips;
Soaked the heart of Ocean-
Aridity grasped the whole Earth's throat. 
Cracking sound of breaking World is heard.
Ah! lovely mother Earth misusing as a center of a battle ground 
Filthy game of Sun and Water.   

Aklima Ankhi, poet, storyteller and translator from Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh. Born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. She has a published poetry named "Guptokothar Shobdochabi" written in Bangla. She is a post graduate in English Literature. As a profession she is a Lecturer in English.