Poetry from Aklima Ankhi

Young Central Asian woman with a peach headscarf with decorative jewels and a pink top standing outside in front of trees.
Aklima Ankhi
Desired Pain

When he told me to give happiness
Then I wanted-
Please, give me pain;
Make a fuss
hard as like as Sidr.

Like as an uprooted tree
with the cry of landless loneliness. 
Give me sorrow;
Like as fluffy mud 
in the emptiness of cultivated land-
Primitive tale which is filled with
glaireous wild smell.

Feeling happiness is meaningless game ;
Retouch  of past Rafkhata.
Presented cagey happiness is blanket wrap of mourning-
So which you will give me later
Or else I wanted it before. 

Aklima Ankhi, poet, storyteller and translator from Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. She has a published poetry named "Guptokothar Shobdochabi" written in Bangla.She is a post graduate in English Literature. As a profession she is a Lecturer in English. 

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