Poetry from Alan Catlin

 Fernando Passoa Modern Dance Studio.
 Do you pony. Like hony maroni. Night
 of a thousand dancers. Rumba. Tango.
 vodka and orange premix cocktails.
 Worst drunk ever. The Beauty of the 
 Husband: A Fictional Essay in 29 Tangos.
 Dance script with electric ballerinas.
 Not PK Dick. Fulton. Not the NY gov.
 Alice. Not the one who descends into
 rabbit holes. Of disinformation.
 The Madwoman in the Attic. Jane Eyre
 or Wide Sargasso Sea. Jean Rhys or
 Charlotte Bronte. The one who actually got
 laid. Dominica or Haworth. Don’t drink
 the water. Hochmeister. Corpse water.
 The Blue Hour. After Leaving Mr. McKenzie.
 Good Morning Midnight. Voyage in the Dark. 
 Smile Please. Difficult women. The end of
 the novel of love. Tigers were better looking.
 Talking to frogs in boiling
 water. Lobsters on a leash. 
 Sunday in the Park with.
 George. William or Mary.
 Who’s your Dada.

 Now out of the blue, out of the black,
 a number caller-id’d from Hades.”
 Stephen Bett. Not the exchange. Rate.
 That’s bothersome. The caller id. 
 What’s your area. Code. Zip. Code. Bar.
 Code. Navajo code talker anonymous.
 The answer (s), my friend, are blowing
 in the wind.

 “Modern historical reality has greatly
 enlarged the imagination of disaster.”
 Said Susan Sontag. All too accurately.
 The beginning of the end. Them! The Hulk.
 Spiderman. Radioactive spiders from Mars.
 The Atomic Cafe. The sheep look up.
 Not Biblical. Though it could be. Was.
 Is. Not science fiction. Fallout. Illness
 as metaphor.

5 thoughts on “Poetry from Alan Catlin

  1. beatnik idiom culture pop culture kultura rap — poetic dada — poetic satori in poetry plaster of paris — Alan Catlin is pretty awesome.

  2. I love the structure of Alan’s poems. That is one of the fascinating features of poetry – structure can be everything when blended with the words and ideas. Makes them very powerful. Great poems, Alan.

  3. That vodka and orange premix WAS awful. Egad. What a fun series of linked memories, flashbacks with a sense of humor. I assume due to the numbering there are many more in this terrific series.

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