Poetry from Andrew Cyril MacDonald

 The farmhouse auction
 Citadels shot golden while 
 farmyards purchased 
 long summer nights orchids watched.
 Their patience fell into arms 
 that gave what needed—
 prize blooms candescent
 the silo’s hover.
 The scene paled in memory now,
 there’s shock when 
 death of one announces;
 it avows boons doors had shouted
 to youth gathered for deep appraisal
 when their childhood was wonder 
 marked love shared with 
 nights that followed.
 Each our yes from out them—
 a sequence years form of
 if failed undertakings
 dreamed in the past stand
 us envisioned 
 for glorious futures
 cleft presence
 Night visions
 The heavy land coils under 
 bond of peace.
 Its reach affords
 proved love’s ground
 dying gives way to
 in hollers firmament cheats.
 Those passing shots comb the rage
 planets succumb of
 as ours barely alone
 feels confidence 
 treason bothers 
 along owned nights agape at stars
 their shower with dreams 
 this holy lounge,
 trimmed fields doctored. 
 A holding innocence
 The clock tames their racked world with justice reluctant.  
 It forgets the passions that
 rummage in their veins
 as they seem an ounce of heaven harrowing 
 that tic-toc feeling desire ascends with 
 when youth climb to extend the
 cut-life that wants its reign
 pulled over the eyes of
 what remanded—
 lines pressed by Time
 and the martyrdom 
 upheld with
 so that shock blames each 
 the vaulting defendant.

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