Poetry from Anila Bukhari

Young light skinned teen girl with long straight dark hair, brown eyes, makeup, and a light white blouse. She's standing in front of a window and holding a doll with a pink hat and outfit.

Wings of Knowledge 

I'm a Girl, Don't Break My Wings, 
Let me soar with the joy learning brings. 
In this world of challenges, I face, 
Education is my saving grace. 

An orphan, I've known hardship's touch, 
No shoes on my feet, but a pen I clutch. 
Toys don't entice, books are my desire, 
With knowledge, my dreams will reach higher. 

Don't burden me with adult strife, 
Let childhood be a time of life. 
Give me the gift of knowledge's sip, 
For education, I'll take the leap.
I'll polish shoes, bathe the dogs, 
I'll do whatever it takes, no logs. 
But don't steal from me the right, 
To education's guiding light.
I'm not asking for pizza or pastry, 
Just the chance to learn, oh so necessary. 
God made me poor, that's true, 
But it's in your hands to help me through.
So let me carry a bag filled with books, 
Unlocking minds, with curious looks. 
Education is my path to rise, 
To shape my future, reach the skies. 

I'm a girl, with dreams so grand, 
Give me knowledge, hand in hand. 
Don't break my heart, don't clip my wings, 
With education, my spirit sings. 

Anila Bukhari is an extraordinary achiever, receiving multiple national awards for her outstanding work in girls' education worldwide. Her contributions have been so impactful that she was honored with the prestigious International Best Community Service Award by the House of Parliament in London in 2023. In 2021, she also received the International Book Peace Award from Italy. Anila's remarkable journey is filled with beautiful moments. She has authored 11 books and numerous anthologies, inspiring readers around the globe. Her dedication to social work and the arts has garnered global recognition, with artists paying tribute to her incredible achievements. Not only that, but Anila has also selflessly donated dolls and her hair to uplift cancer patients. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and compassion.

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