Poetry from Anindya Pal

Rainy Story

That envelope has arrived
The news came about the release of Monsoon Mail
 dry earth melting with juicy touch of water.  

 Monsoon season is busy now
thousands of drops are falling reckless 
 cloudy sky is scary with thunder.

 The wind blows like a river 
 wetting the ground swaying drops
 dancing on the dance table of mud. 

 Monsoon is tying the waist now
 jumping against the hot heat in the hot sun
 Hold on, rain and shine.
  Monsoon dropped on the swaying leaves
 under the stagnant water, the vortex is moving
 Swallowed all the cottage gardens young crops
 Millions of tears are mixed in the turbid current. 

 The house of love and happiness is floating, sidewalks and bridges
 Houses and neighborhoods along the river
 where are you? 
 may this monsoon stay for ever... 

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