Poetry from Azemina Krehic

Young light skinned woman with long brown hair, a black top, a blue and white floral patterned skirt standing amidst a bunch of wooden chairs outside on a lawn. There's a lamppost and a building nearby.
Linden tree

I wish I was as strong and indifferent as the linden tree in my yard.

To let go of the long stamen veins - all the way to the hellish corridors deep in the earth and not be touched by the embers!

And on the surface, let me be mischievous and timid only when you want me to.

You would never be able to understand how much and why my leaves and my impatient flower can flutter.

Azemina Krehić was born on October 14, 1992 in Metković, Republic of Croatia. Winner of several international awards for poetry, including: Award of university professors in Trieste, 2019.,„Mak Dizdar“ award, 2020. Award of the Publishing Foundation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2021. „Fra Martin Nedić“ Award, 2022. She is represented in several international anthologies of poetry.