Poetry from Aziza Gayratova


My friend, listen to my words.
Give thanks for every day.
Bowing at the feet of your parents.
Respect them and pray for them.

May basil be scattered at your feet, mother.
May your step be filled with light,
May you have many happy days.
Do not tire us by praying, mother.

Dear Father, thank you
You gave us a lot of mercy,
You have blessed us no less than anyone else.
We learned the science of goodness from you.

How great is the word of parents,
Appreciate them.
You gave us your life,
Give thanks to those who have parents
The world

Forgetting the worries of the world a little
I dream of the best days.
I won't cry anymore, it's enough
I look forward to my happy days

To the tyranny of cruel people.
I will not shed tears, I will be patient
I don't yawn anymore, I don't care
I live like an indifferent person

O world, you have many oppressions.
You took all my things.
I will tell you about my pains.
I will quietly laugh at you

It's such a heavy unfaithful world
I leave you my lions
For the hearts that are close to me
I leave loyalty and honesty.

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