Poetry from Aziza Mamayusupovna Kosimova

Young Central Asian woman with long brown hair and a red collared shirt. She's leaning to the right and her hands are clasped in front of her.
Aziza Mamayusupovna Kosimova
Student of Termiz State Pedagogical Institute 


Picking up the sustenance in this perishable world,
I shall increase my God-given share.
One day I will arrive and go on my eternal journey,
I should live in the poems I write...

Let no one hear my words,
Let my little tears wash over my face,
If I wash my eye one day,
I must live in the poems I write...

I have never lived a day when I have seen injustice,
I didn't live the day when I was walking
I did not live the day when my heart raced,
I have to live in the poems I write...

If I can make you awake,
If my poem makes me think,
To revel in my poems,
Maybe I'll have my life to live in Your heart...!


I have not said a word for several months, the paperwork is empty.
In my heart are the rivers of sadness.
A feather in my hand and my hearts are always silent.
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

Opponent always had a blue board,
The breast of the shield was red with blood,
And Abdullah grew in you a fighter.
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

Who has come and made presence,
In the steps of the prophets Sultan Saodatlar,
You have been sung by Master Shafoatar,
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

Baysun - Spring, you are a pure air,
You are the Voice of the worlds
The South! You are the gateway to paradise
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

You are my prideful mountain, my vibrant stream,
The air is clean, the land is gold, my place is rich in gold.
One piece is worth a whole world, I art golden,
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

Is Sariosia the origin of Asia?!
Do not the swallows belong to Barchina?!
Do your springs have no tears?!
Join my verse, Surkhandarya.

There is no grand longing for the homeland,
From the minor of Jharkurgan there is no elevation,
Not Even Sayrob, who started a school,
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

Are enough of my words sufficient for you?
If I can make your descriptions a world epos,
The heart inspired by you is a garden,
Join my poem, Surkhandarya.

A heart of a poet is a wonderful place for feelings,
With my own word I shall defeat confusion.
God, don't take away the magic of words in my heart
As I live, I will praise my country!