Poetry from Binod Dawadi


 Love is what rules the world
 Love is the basis for relationships
 Love is what you feel for your boyfriend and    girlfriend 
 Between husband and wife as well as
 even a thief feeding his family. 

Buddha and Christ were men who left a legacy of love 

 But I am only trying to keep perfect relationships
 I don’t know why all people are running after money. 
 Money can't give happiness to you.
 Happiness should be inside you so know these
 things, if money could give happiness why do   people suffer from illness and disease and problems money cannot settle? 
 I know that I could live without materialistic things.
 You also can become non materialist like me in your life
 Why can’t you live like me with no desire and no pain in life
 We came here naked and go out naked so let’s live 
 Today as our first and last day of life. Death may come at any time so let’s welcome death. Let's have no fear, all things of the 
 world are supernatural, all thinking and imagining is omnipresent and omnipotent 
Whether you are a God or a devil depends on your behavior
 Let’s live seeing the perspectives of all 
 living beings and non living beings of the world. This love is benevolent, let's have that type of love for all without any bias. All living and non living creatures are equal 
 Let’s listen to the pain of all so 
 we will have a mind without fear, without any problems.
 Let’s end selfishness and greediness 
 and be happy with what we have
 In this is the meaning of life: you are me, 
 I am you, you are the other, others are beings like us, beings can survive without killing others for our own benefit. 
 You are perfect, let’s live like
 that then God will be happy 

 Remember one who has hope has everything, has all things. Let’s hope till our last breath remains.

 Live as happily as you can then nothing of this world can stop your happiness.
 Be extra in living, live as a perfect dozen. Let’s erase tension and other unnecessary division. You are equal to all others, no class no bias no property, no matter. Sagelike, live in a perfect manner. Live life sweetly and freely always.
 Enjoy, relax, be cool, be kind and be patient.
 I only see love and power rule the world.  Power lets us make a difference. Love could be the key material of the world. So let’s try to create smooth and kind love.

 For all of you are spirit and spirit are you, so be the best of best like God. 
 Become the best and most excellent, be enlightenment. Be crazy, live madly.
 Not sadly. Every season has a fixed time so let’s love forever all things of the Universe. 
 Be happy not sad, not afraid. Be patient. 
Poet Binod Dawadi

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