Poetry from Bruce Mundhenke


Extraterrestrial spider,
Invisible;  they say...
Spins a web of deception,
That is growing every day.
Possessing insatiable hunger,
A master of deceit,
Its web a snare for humans,
Who become a prey at its feet.
The web is becoming stronger,
Tightening every day,
And the spider is wiser than humans,
Determined to have its way.

   first published in UFO Gigolo

The Scourge

We all can see that
It is here...
We can run,
Or hide,
Or just choose
Not to see...
We can join,
Or fight,
Or watch...
And understand.
There is no place
To run to,
There is no place
To hide.
What you choose
Not to see
Will find you,
Even if you
Are blind.
And when you face
What you are blind to,
It will not be kind.


The lesser stars have yielded,
Another Sun is near,
But every star that fled the sky
Will surely reappear.

The darkness nearly ended,
Dawn will bring the light,
The daystar will appear,
Banishing the night.