Poetry from Christabel Angel Douglas

Dear Past,

I thank you for revealing life’s art,
For letting me taste its every part,
In pains, joys, words unkind or sweet,
You shaped me whole, made me complete.

Stronger now, forged by your embrace,
Wounds and scars adorn with grace,
Etched like art on canvas, body and soul,
Each story they tell, making me whole.
Those scars, in sorrow’s shadow born,
Became my drive, my fires were sworn,
You spurred me on, fanned my inner fire,
Turning pain into purpose, soaring higher.

For every tear, a clearer sight ahead,
Each ache a milestone, towards goals I tread,
Truly, you’re the gift that keeps giving still,
Turning trials into strength, an iron will.
Through trials akin to the inferno’s maw,
Earthly challenges seem but straw,
Betrayals and falsehoods left thorns to find,
Yet deeper pain I’ve met, a crucible of the mind.

Now I stand strong, a conqueror in grace,
Thankful for the storm that shaped my pace,
Thankful for a tempest of lessons and more,
A past complex and layered, its wisdom I adore.

Defined not solely by what’s already done,
You’re a prologue, a journey, a rising sun,
A force that propels me into the unknown,
With lessons as my armor, confidence has grown.

Past, I’m grateful for your steady hand,
Guiding me through this intricate land,
Now I step into Future, arms stretched wide,
Prepared for an adventure, with hope as my guide.