Poetry from Damion Hamilton

What's Going On?
Here come thoughts
feelings and impressions
Everything you wanted is somewhere near
I pick up the phone
Check the info
Check the world
Alot is still there
You dream of women, podiums
You put more bricks in front of your day
People are smarter than you and you are glad
Feels strange to be someone to look up to
Do you remember your bottom?
When you were twenty and knew even less than now?
I picture humans in white coats and laboratories playing with white mice
They are smarter than me and should be
I wanna know where the best minds go on their Instagram vacations?
Some write that Nikola Tesla lived a life of virginity
What is mind glamorous about that?
There is plenty of mind in your life
Somethings have to go
I lay My Head
Besides my body
I had tired of it
The music that came from it’s
Speakers were too loud
And I listened for too long
Other people’s voices in young days
Or the call of things in the future
I felt my eyes and nostrils constantly.
Breath in and
Breath out
Blinking into obscurity
My body didn’t need that head thing
Making of stories and creating words which make you suffer
Now headless. The lungs and heart do the the work
Breathing and beating.
No anxiety and sorrow
My former head spoke to me
At a distance
pick this thing back up and experience life boy
but, you were making me crazy my friend
Why should I unite with you?
without me you cant express the world
I liked you a lot of times head but
my depression, the anxiety, you gave
my friend seem to burn the bones and blood
of this body
why should I put you back on my head?
What’s Happening
Just trying to survive
Ya knowing hating things
Loving things
Breathing trying not think
Too much
Thinking too much
You can’t really help this
Because you have grown older
And the times escapes from you like thin papery thoughts
Oh you wanna get married
Oh you want a sweeter occupation
And sometimes you want nothing at all
And what should you do when you feel this way?
Sometimes you have such a sloppy heart.
Nothing can or will love you
Till completion.
Casino Frogs
I’ve never seen one before
Coming here
Frogs they are so small
Like little bugs or tiny mice
They are so sluggish too
They line up at the casino entrance.
I don’t know why they do this?
With the woods and big river around
They are easily squashed along the walkways.
I think I’ve probably killed a few while taking a long walk to the car.
Most of the time, they hop out the way.
These little things
Little things that move so slowly
Without a scream when crushed.
So tiny, but not as tiny as ants
And so easily removed from my conscience
How easily they hop in
And easily they hop
Out of the world.