Poetry from Kevin Hibshman

Pain is Perception

Does everyone have a measured quotient for the amount of suffering to be experienced in a given lifetime?

Is Pain a language encoded in our DNA so that it may relay information from the body to the mind ?

It is the sharp recognition of danger issued as a command so that the body itself may attempt to survive situations that would render one harm.

Pain is personal and comes in a myriad of levels and a host of different reactions.

I once thought of pain as something like a litmus test for one’s character,

Does the response merit the condition?

Will we cower and crumble or laugh in its face?

Others may judge us by our unfettered, immediate coping mechanisms when we are forced to put them on public display.

I see it in the milky glaze of your pleading eyes begging the question: “When does it end?”

Pain serves a purpose in the human petri dish we find ourselves swimming in.

Pain sets the rules and it also defines the limits in our all too frail human realm.

A reality we have subconsciously agreed upon that has now become much more than we can tolerate.

Lonesome Deity

Have I so quickly fallen from the fickle memory of man?

How soon temples crumble, stone erodes, yet alone I stand with the power to crush lives, to inspire madness or delight as I turn to face the unfathomable burden of responsibility that remains solely and sorely mine.

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  1. “Pain is perception” Your thoughts give a way to understand how we are genuinely fragile along with “Lonely Deity” it reminds us of our limitations. Thank you.

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