Poetry from Daniel De Culla


Until now, all the sermonary farce

Of peace, love and humanity

Held by gods, gurus, sectarians

Of all religions and for having

As well as all the nuisances

Hypocrites and policy ramkers

Of all globe countries

Coats and subjected forever

To drug cartels

To generalized corruption

And to armament factories

That are based only on deceiving

And hallucinate the peoples

In Blood and Fire Bets

In a fight between nations

To see who of them

Kill and kill more and better

Importing them a slum

Women creating Life

And children as a result of Love

Because the only thing that interests them

Is to see the blood run

And how nations are destroyed

Because of that psychopathic and religious hatred

So terrible and fierce, eternal

That men have among them.

That peace can’t stand it anymore

It is a truth like a temple.

Now, I tell you this lance

Which, here, I express:

There, in times of yesteryear

Here, in times of this day

Peace by cities and towns

By houses and inhes

Looking for that peace that has lost

Knowing in advance

That She will not find it

Because of that hypocriticals ‘ shell

Who are only interested in wars

As well as so many fools

That follow them with great taste and care

Singing this verse:

“We are the boyfriends of death”

That the history of humanity

Very clear tell us.

— Daniel De Culla

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