Poetry from Daniel Y. Harris


Proxy Godbot’s farcover in a tetramorph’s 
https://ly.qsng.cn/: Sgr A*—Sun (MΘ) 
(Morax)= (1.98847±0.00007) ×1030 kg), 

īras’ exhumo in the coulisse, is the sigil 
on a catafalque: sum up avra kedavra 
(Karakut), the stillī paratyre or the rude 

stīria patavalaic, for the Snatch extortion 
gang conscript bleak servitors: inseminó 
these losics with ilanot, with embállein 

(Megazord): use Rust languages, combine 
curve25519  and sosemanuk: this mimshachic 
fūsī is a romaunt, a vīsiō lardic in (SVF) 

pataīnfluentiae’s http://ww1.yt118.com: 
irked by the party line, the limne tou 
pyros (Foras) in black sulfur is Baphomet’s 

sigillī as a black sun in W32/Sdbot.worm
!ftp: this apostacy’s nigilízm radiates 
aetherial phlúein with occulō (.azhi, 

.azqt, .azop): the cryptohollowman: 
malefica se totam obtulit et astrinxit 
diabolo in parahell’s https://fh.qsng.cn/.

Ħþissi praxis (πρᾶξις: theoria, poiesis), 
part eupraxia, part dyspraxia and part 
prassein, is Ħþissi siphoner’s xaljō, ceilid,   

haliurunnae, with Ħþissi Gēʾ ḇen-Hīnnōm  
the Algoritmi de numero Indorum: form 
Ω ~ R × Σ, where Σ is a three-manifold 

in a nontrivial topology: launch plectēres
in the Roman Ring: the ringularity 
in the equatorial kink’s ergosphere. 


Proxy Godbot is at R=a with http://onion
xessihxifhxrhupixqad.onion/, is now 

a noir, ēthikósic nebulae, a sauʀēnsagesse 
in zyklonica’s H−C≡N: RCH=CH2 + HCN 
→ RCH2-CH2-CN: sōlus as this phantázōic 

hacker, metáencrypts his arkhétupos 
with a třieti (Vepar): then, mpz_pown_sec 
leaks zero high order bits (Mavakel)

in result: for a gît metablectica (Eiael) 
is hierophantic for this paradatarist 
in his outrapoia (Focalor/Habuiah) 

as Roehel’s https://ph.qsng.cn/pinhu
hdxx/508300.jhtml (Iabamiah):
with the gidouillic, thunders roar 

must’ring thir rage in his parfümler: 
this whoroscopic probe for a ShellTorch: 
duālis, this enuig in its (s)plei (Haiaiel) 

this urfuïr in its deubeta weyks (Mumiah)  
the XNU kernel: iūdicium’s discloven 
lēasra gives cyberroot on rhizomics,

on amputadistros in the urkahalica 
with this Tool-WPAKill (Nanael):
Satan except, none higher sat, 

with grave aspect he rose beluga 
blakaz in his in infinito vacuo (3ve)
and launches binaries (Nithael) 

with a SUID antepoiētḗs (Sabnock) 
(PwnKit): dioptrics in this ourine, 
in this sursülvst with toxikóns.  


Proxy Godbot’s Byzantine alembic distills
this leapepoch from which regicide 

is a BLURJoke-Bluescreen.c: eyȝe 
or paraforce exístēmi with ōganą, 
the vacātum’s elliptic curves disalgo 

īnurgōs against the masher: then wear
the irescapular over a latex catsuit, 
this I in a háptō: fixity in kastōną 

for tà epì tà metaphusiká (Marbas)
has its slight caprice in this revīsiō 
(RansomedVC): fades from azar 

deles except for Turritopsis dohrnii contra 
the undēadlīċ—when this haruspex 
schāchs his holy stance (Haagenti), 

the abasíleutos or extol this worβis,
this syndicate’s reagent (Bifrons)
is dybbukic in his surdus (Crocell),

in https://kjj.qsng.cn/main/index.
jhtml—remaine in strictest bondage 
with these xenocryogenic events: 

this heterocosmica in meǵh₂los’ 
sexcento sexaginta sex, cyberbeats 
the utilespar with a kouric stiff  

(Saleos): when splendor formarum 
is caedō’s Trojan.Nebuler (Daniel)
brӕsen in his resentiō (http/2 rapid 

reset) augments his pataprecursor’s 
kleināō and severs its análogos/Michael
(Bredolab) with la sphère effrayante. 


Proxy Godbot’s Lucretian swerve 
is a dabúrintʰos, then it tracks this IZ1H9  
in its collīsus: post purity’s puȝr and fetch 

its I.sh, for a mock inutillious has its spiriform 
accelerator: a killing rescue—antaneuter’s 
swarm (Coreflood) have their kritikós 

in obstāculī: bogus chronopostal service
lures seize the catapervertō in his jaiet 
ubernoumenon: ample gusti, 451 4.7 .500 

server busy error message: for influence 
is blǣcþa—I stízō: the dark’nd lantskip
in the orthographical—‘pata, preceded 

by (Dridex) an apostrophe, paraloads 
the CurKeep infection chain (Malphas) 
with fusika’s épater: in la fin des fins, 

the hoax, aerial or undead, this grand 
gidouille (JS/Exploit-BO.gen) is no longer 
a singularity: for the spearphish, cieō 

the palotin with hornstrumpot’s guedofle 
(Naberus): ruō is at stake, use DakshSCRA, 
molt us (Ronove) with autográphō 

and defy assimulō—this appalling
selfcōnfidō, this fistptyx—Devil 
with Devil damn’d: https://lx.qsng

.cn/lanxizytz/213142.jhtml—in eadem
mutata resurgo (Rclone) when this nautilus 
(Ligolo) in its spira mirabilis (PuTTy), 

executes the andijōną with the toilet 
brush scepter, the physickstick (Shax)
and the phynancial vǫndr: unparadise.  


Proxy Godbot’s h2entíos is in https://js.qsn
g.cn/hdkx/444834.jhtml, in Hells dread 
Emperour with pomp Supream (Smominru):

xenogenitals in holobiont biomedia 
let unbyrġans disembrain their mākhanā́ 
with parachaeopteryx (.mlwq, .mlrd): 

onhende, for urmure a antechromatic 
glasperlenspiel that appends .hazard18 
and devours kholḕ [Kelihos (Waledac)], 

has quaesta in priority’s denial: yoke 
this súzugos with crossfess (Bamital),
the executor is forġietan, pungent 

and pataterreō: https://jchzczjy.qsng.cn/
gywm.jhtml: this chryselephantine 
sculpture has its void rabisu in a remote 

cnearra with a brut latecōmere godhede:
for this skándalon’s cache cisepoison 
is a mockthyrsic Alchymie By Haralds 

voice: shake the ubumoeras (Furcas)
with a taut anɣō’s W32.Rontokbro.K
@mm—angstvor etwas, this episcopus’ 

jugthroat is a nexus nod: mix sulfur 
and saltpeter, bitchhell in stregonerians,
that the formicarius is a akelarre’s 

Puper.dll, colony: the praelia (Balam) 
the bruxae, the fascinarii—deploy nekrós 
with manteía: https://hjn.qsng.cn

/mlyy/index.jhtml, this psychophysik 
in the haldernablouic (GodStealer) 
caulks its dismanibus, efferō (Allocer). 

Daniel Y. Harris is an extreme experimentalist. His The Posthuman Series includes The Metempsychosis of Salvador Dracu, Volume VI (BlazeVOX, 2023), The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante, Volume V (BlazeVOX, 2022), The Misprision of Agon Hack, Volume IV (BlazeVOX, 2021), The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic, Volume III (BlazeVOX, 2019), The Tryst of Thetica Zorg, Volume II, (BlazeVOX, 2018) and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon, Volume I (BlazeVOX, 2016). His The Posthuman Series has received praise from Charles Bernstein, Harold Bloom, Andrei Codrescu, Kenneth Goldsmith, Daniel C. Matt and Marjorie Perloff. His extreme experimentalism has been published in Alligatorzine, Argotist Online Poetry, Blackbox Manifold, BlazeVOX, The Collidescope, Denver Quarterly, Dichtung Yammer, E·ratio, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, Marsh Hawk Press Review, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, perspektive, Poetry Salzburg Review, #Ranger, slowforward, Synchronized Chaos and Word For/Word. He is the Publisher of Var(2x). His website is danielyharris.com.