Poetry from Debarati Sen

Peonies of poesy

Peonies of poesy

acting as a parasol

from the scorching heat of reality.

Amaltas dreams peep through 

 gossamer veils. 

Emotional myalgia,

somnolent hours,

a sudden bazooka of rainbow syllables

shot through the syntax of memory.

Sunflower renditions,

The wind in her hair.

She wanted a bougainvillea 

I gave her dreams 

chiseled out of my bones,

Epitaphs of proclivity,

sands of time.

A glass window and 

Autumn sauntering on my lacerated bosom.

Ballistic oxymoron

Seeping through leaked rhymes.

The world is but a granule of sand

seeping fast through my fingers.

The mountains echoed luminous ballads

on starry nights.

Mist-wreathed hilltops hummed verdant dreams

As October bid goodbye

wrapped in a silken thread of memory.

Clouds waltzed in front of my window.

The turf is filled with leftover poems

that fell prey to the sands of time.

I bit the side of the moon and kept the rest for dinner.

My poems lay tired like the old armchair. 

They gave me a weary smile.

The smell of dreams percolated my senses;

gestured me with a happy articulation. 

Life is a conundrum

but we must move on

Shaking off problems like the little girl shaking off the sand from her sandal. 

October bids goodbye

October bids goodbye

Wrapped in the discarded moiré thread of memory.

The autumn leaves fall

humming a baritone

Of love and longing in tandem.

The golden tinge paints a carnival

like Van Gogh's acrylic landscapes.

It acts as a placebo for my tainted soul.

 Amidst the concrete jungle of monoliths

Autumn’s amber tincture renders an ebullient vista.

The gleaming sun shimmering through the azure sky

 reminds me of our clandestine tryst

on one such magnificent October afternoon.

Verdant dreams glitter on mist-wreathed hilltops.

 I jettisoned my fears into the darkness of the night

and waltzed with the wind's saccharine lullaby.

Parable of forsaken dreams heap once again at my study table

enchanted by an alchemy of reminiscence.

As autumn gradually drifts away

making way for the chilly Northern winds.

Dreams flutter in unison.

 October bids goodbye

wrapped in the discarded moiré thread of memory.

Debarati Sen works in Presidency University Kolkata as a Junior Assistant. Her debut poetry book called 'Blurred Musings' has recently been published. Recipient of the Tagore Award 2022 and the Sylvia Plath Women's Literary Award, Debarati finds emancipation in her poetry! She has also been the winner of the International Poetry Writing competition held by the Elite Book Awards in November 2021. She has also grabbed the third position in the National Poetry Writing Month 2022 contest hosted by the Elite Book Awards. Debarati features in the Council Year Book launched  on the occasion of Women's Day 2022 by Literoma in association with the Public Safety and Security Council of Bengal. 

She has also been declared as an Empalled Author in the International Author's Conclave held by Literoma in December 2021. She is one among the top ten poets of the Women;'s Day poetry contest organised by Delhi Poetry Slam. She has co-authored more than 15 anthologies and is recently compiling her first anthology as a compiler with the Quill House Publishers. Her poems have found shelter in prestigious websites like The Antonym, The Yugen Quest Review, The Kolkata Arts, Lapis Lazuli, The Das Literarisch, to name a few. 

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