Poetry from Elmaya Jabbarova

White woman with long black hair and a black blouse with flowers on it. She's got small earrings on and off-white wallpaper with a floral pattern behind her.
Elmaya Jabbarova
Calling you, People! 

What do we see when we look through a telescope? 
The solar system rotates in its own rhythm in the sky. 
High mountains, dense forests, deep rivers, seas, 
The address has not changed, it has remained in place. 
The living world obeys the Creator's rule, 
What has changed the character of people? 
Long forgotten is the code of humanity, 
Enthusiasm for robotization is increasing at high speed! 

Wealth is accumulated, justice is trampled upon, 
Extortion, looting, then distribution of aid. 
A newborn baby is ashamed of its arrival, 
Maybe it's time to wake up and become perfect 
Let's unite in one action to save the world! 
Like Tesla's wireless "Wordencliff Tower" we 
Let's spread the light, the lights of mercy! 
Let's give all the pure emotional feelings. 

Elmaya Jabbarova was born in Azerbaijan. She is a poet, writer, reciter, and translator. Her poems were published in the regional newspapers «Shargin sesi», «Ziya», «Hekari», literary collections «Turan», «Karabakh is Azerbaijan!», «Zafar», «Buta», foreign Anthologies «Silk Road Arabian Nights», «Nano poem for Africa», «Juntos por las Letras 1;2», «Kafiye.net» in Turkey, in the African's CAJ magazine, Bangladesh's Red Times magazine, «Prodigy Published» magazine. She performed her poems live on Bangladesh Uddan TV, at the II Spain Book Fair 1ra Feria Virtual del Libro Panama, Bolivia, Uruguay, France, Portugal, USA.

One thought on “Poetry from Elmaya Jabbarova

  1. Elmaya, your verse was terse and pointed and effective. “Long forgotten is the code of humanity…” will live beyond both our years. Thanks you!

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