Poetry from Elmaya Jabbarova

White woman with long black hair and a black blouse with flowers on it.
Elmaya Jabbarova

Feeling sick is a feeling that will come and go. 
The heart will tremble, the heart will break,
It will make your heart beat again,
It's a powerful feeling, to burn from the inside. 
Sometimes you can't hold back the tears
It has rained and it is flowing because of the sadness. 
You can't remove the pain from your heart, 
Hiccup - hiccup out of resentment. It's futile to protest the world, 
This is a prison for everyone. 
Someone's punishment is fun, fun, 
For some it is hard labor, pain, torture.
Fates are written for everyone, It's hard to get rid of it. 
No matter how far he goes, 
He came again and passed through his birthplace. 
He did not break hearts, if we approach privately,
Everyone will respect each other, 
It would be great if we could live by the law. 
Then the world will also respite.

Elmaya Jabbarova was born in Azerbaijan. She is a poet, writer, reciter, and translator.
Her poems were published in the regional newspapers «Shargin sesi», «Ziya», «Hekari», literary collections «Turan», «Karabakh is Azerbaijan!», «Zafar», «Buta», foreign Anthologies «Silk Road Arabian Nights», «Nano poem for Africa», «Juntos por las Letras 1;2», «Kafiye.net» in Turkey, in the African's CAJ magazine, Bangladesh's Red Times magazine, «Prodigy Published» magazine. She performed her poems live on Bangladesh Uddan TV, at the II Spain Book Fair 1ra Feria Virtual del Libro Panama, Bolivia, Uruguay, France, Portugal, USA.