Poetry from Elmaya Jabbarova

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Elmaya Jabbarova


Don’t let it burn with longing,

Don’t spare, don’t let my heart turn to ashes,

Come back, this heart recalling you,

Let my heart love and rejoice!

Let me desire to reach,

Let my heart to return to the rain,

Let me to write epics, preach the gospel,

Let my heart to come ecstatic!

Oh Lord, do not oppress my heart,

Don’t beat in vain my heart,

Protect every moment of my infinite love,

Don’t mercy the wind my heart!


I’m dizzy to love you,

Leaving my heart,

You left it in ruins.

Swear to the Koran,

I am loyal to you,

I love you, my love.

NOAH or DREAM ark.

Having lived nine hundred and fifty years,

His is the Noah, he is a Prophet.

In order to protect from the storm

Receiving a revelation by Creator

He built a great ship.

Humans and animals all together

While being provided by water and food,

The life was created on this huge ship,

Everyone was satisfied with this act,

Humanity’s salvation was in this ark.

It is impossible to know the work of the heavens.

After all, a well is not filled by pouring water,

Roses nourished by love do not fade,

A sudden storm could not destroy 

Traces of the ship remain to this day.

Now no need for Noah’s ark

To ward off the troubles,

The “Dream Ship” of Human Intelligence

Floats in the sky, floats in the river,

Not anchored in the shallows.

The dream rushes in all directions,

You can go wherever you want,

You can laugh heartily,

You can ride this boat anytime,

It never ran out of fuel.

Everyone rides his own ship,

From the power of the dream,

Faithful hearts are happy,

Every desire, every wish in the blink of eye

It comes to life like a mysterious spell.


If you hadn’t suddenly appeared in my path,

I wouldn’t freeze in place,

If you did not shoot arrows with your hidden gaze,

I would not let your love into my heart.

You were fascinated by my path,

You became a gardener planting flowers,

Like an angel on right and left of path,

You would stand guard as a soldier.

When the heartbeat increases,

I’m out of breath, I’m suffocated

When i realize the love,

It’s like I was born again.


Soothing my heart,

Falsely or truly,

You have always been,

The one who made me understand love,

Oh faithful kind sweetheart!

Elmaya Jabbarova was born in Azerbaijan. She is a poet, writer, reciter, and translator. Her poems were published in the regional newspapers «Shargin sesi», «Ziya», «Hekari», literary collections «Turan», «Karabakh is Azerbaijan!», «Zafar», «Buta», foreign Anthologies «Silk Road Arabian Nights», «Nano poem for Africa», «Juntos por las Letras 1;2», «Kafiye.net» in Turkey, in the African’s CAJ magazine, Bangladesh’s Red Times magazine, «Prodigy Published» magazine. She performed her poems live on Bangladesh Uddan TV, at the II Spain Book Fair 1ra Feria Virtual del Libro Panama, Bolivia, Uruguay, France, Portugal, USA.

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