Poetry from Erkin Vahidov, translated from Uzbek to English by Nilufar Rukhillayeva

Older Central Asian man with grey hair, a tie, and a white shirt and brown coat standing outdoors in a park with a black iron fence and a tree.
Erkin Vahidov
New Year poem

The human verb is surprised by surprise,

There is no world without criteria.

By measuring the stars,

It also touches infinity.


He is the owner, he is the slave forever

To the beliefs he found,

Don't say, even eterned,

To the moments that happened.


Collect hours from minutes,

The days make up the months,

He does not cry that life has passed,

He celebrates the end of the year.


Even though the wrinkles are increasing,

As the years go by,

Rejoice - more children,

He rejoices - his age grows.


It is a dream of endless 

There is a basis for hopeful faith:

Man is immortal.

Little by little

It just goes to eternity.

Erkin Vahidov
Translator: Nilufar Rukhillayeva(1st year student of the Faculty of Foreign Philology of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek)
Young Central Asian woman with curly black hair, brown eyes, makeup, and a gauzy black top sitting in a plush green chair.
Nilufar Rukhillayeva