Poetry from Evie Petropolou

Light skinned woman with green eyes and long brown hair and pink lipstick and a white knit sweater. She's directly looking at the camera and white silhouetted words on the bottom read "Peace Now, Cease Fire"
Evie Petropolou
If i am
You are not

If i exist
You don't breathe

If i get stronger
But you become weak

What kind of humanity is this??

If you spend money 
On buying weapons
You make big gathering
To decide how many weapons 

But you don't care for the victims
You never care for what is happening to the earth

If you kill so many victims
Who is drinking the blood

If i get weak
One day Death will come
And hungry

Because what you have given
It was to grow
An evil world

Stay away from the Dark......

EVA Petropoulou Eva Lianou Petropoulou 

Greek national, author of children's books, poetry, and literary fiction

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  1. …Meanwhile serial killers sit and dreaming on the floor of a criminal rainbow. Damn ยก

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