Poetry from Graciela Noemi Villaverde

Light skinned Latina woman with reddish blonde shoulder length hair, curly at the ends. She's got brown eyes and red lipstick and a small necklace, black jacket and floral black blouse.

The night bird, 
He is a digger, 
takes out the gloom of the echo, 
spokesperson of the infinite and sings to the void

The dreams are here 
as an unavoidable step
Like attractive craters, they opened, 
long before the floods and the light

My fragments tremble, 
they look at me in gerund

Your heart washes the wound in my head, 
moving on tiptoe... 

He does not need the Abaco of my words 

Your exile is an amputation, 
Not programmed. 

My exhaustion a solar eclipse
That on the knees of the world 
a staff of your music falls apart and disappears, 
food for my soul

I mourn you in my insistent side and ghost. 
in the asylum I will see the birds. 
before they run away
Your sun will always hide in my eyes
I don't say goodbye, because 
goodbye offends the distance

We'll meet 
When love does not exhale that bitter perfume, 
in the ataraxia night of return.

GRACIELA NOEMI VILLAVERDE is a writer and a poet from Concepción del Uruguay (Entre Rios) Argentina. Based in Buenos Aires She graduated in letters, author of seven books. Poetry genre. Awarded several times worldwide. She works as the World Manager of Educational and Social Projects, of the Hispanic World Union of Writers and the UHE World Honorary President of the same institution Activa de la Sade, Argentine Society of Writers. She's also a commissioner of honor in the executive cabinet IN THE EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL RELATIONS DIVISION, of the UNACCC SOUTH AMERICA ARGENTINA CHAPTER.

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