Poetry from Guzal Sunnatova

A poem of joy

A Central Asian woman with black hair and a blue blouse standing in a park with trees and a trail behind her.
Guzal Sunnatova

I’m not crying, I’m laughing,

May the sorrows of the world remain at my feet.

I lean like this, separation cry

Let unloved hearts be love.

This night, knowing myself more,

I buried everyone in silence.

My dreams that hurt my chest

I buried it whole, alive in the heart.

Happiness is born from happiness, my mother is happiness, I am happiness,

I am the offspring of an elegant daisy.

After all, I belong to this world

I am the eighth miracle.

Let me share happiness with my smile

May the earth and all beings be filled with joy.

Live in such a way that you cry from the world

Let him die of tears without making me cry!

Guzal Sunnatova was born on January 12, 2007 in the Republic of Uzbekistan. She has been practicing writing poetry since she was 12 years old. Her poems have been regularly published in newspapers and magazines, such as “Mushtum”, “Gulkhan”, “Guncha”, “Bilag’on”, and “Bulbulcha”. Guzal Sunnatova published her poems in books entitled “Gallalar orolida” and “Yosh ijodkorlar” and her riddles on various topics have also been published, in a collection entitled ”Riddles”. She is the winner of more than 20 republic-wide competitions. Her future goals are to become writer and ambassador. This book is her second poetry collection. Her first poetry collection is “Journey to the Mysterious World”.

3 thoughts on “Poetry from Guzal Sunnatova

  1. Good luck my dear! A Bright future is waiting for you…

  2. we are what we sow . . . so . . . teach,
    “teach your children well,” sang, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

  3. “Child of an elegant daisy” What a marvelous line. May your life be a share of happiness with your smile.

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