Poetry from Halima bint Ayuba


after the poems “These Streets” and “39,000 Feet” by Jose Angel Araguz

I sit by the window reading your map of those streets —
seems strange our paths did not overlap on those streets.

Remember the wind, how it harried the trees
panicked leaves, made twigs snap on those streets?

I recall the slick smack of tires through puddles,
refused to look up at cars rolling past on those streets.

I watched my old tennis shoes, counted their steps —
echoes of heart-beats, their flat flapping slaps on those streets.

I tacked between sidewalks, keeping to shadows,
dodged lit entries like traps on those streets.

Moving cars, lighted buildings — no, I was not alone —
I did not hide sorrow, but sorrow hid me on those streets.

By the window, Halima reads, tracing the lines
between nowhere and back on those streets.

–Laura M Kaminski, (Halima bint Ayuba)

Affectionately Yours

It’s claimed that the heart is the place of affection,
And yet some seem so hard, no trace of affection.

Divorce rates today almost match the marriages;
So hard to keep up with the pace of affection.

Some refuse to show heart, they cover their shoulders.
Some wear but the negligee lace of affection.

In the barnyard the startled pullets are fleeing,
The rooster pursues them in chase of affection.

A round woman waits — to see her obstetrician:
She has, clearly, another case of affection.

I am fond of the dog, she’s fond of her dinner.
We meet at her food bowl, the base of affection.

Some poets write sonnets, they even say “love,” but
Halima is hidden, an ace of affection.

–Laura M Kaminski (Halima bint Ayuba)
(first appeared in last penny the sun, Balkan Press, 2014)

Dark Slant

Potatoes and secrets can keep in the dark
But eventually rot and leak in the dark.

Chickens are raucous and cackle in daylight
But they make not even a peep in the dark.

A coyote’s howl gets the dog up for work
Patrolling, protecting the sheep in the dark.

The Loch Ness Monster has never been captured—
Does she still swim silently deep in the dark?

Long courtships give warnings of character flaws
But a one night stand is a leap in the dark.

A spotlighting poacher knows deer must come drink;
He waits with a gun by the creek in the dark.

Earth’s gravity tugs on a meteor cloud;
When one falls, it makes a bright streak in the dark.

Some poets are wakeful and write all night long
Halima is lazy, asleep in the dark.

–Laura M Kaminski (Halima bint Ayuba)
(first appeared in last penny the sun, Balkan Press, 2014)

Ceramic Creation

for Ayla Yeargain

A coil pot with negative space creation—
Owl in tree with majolica glaze creation.

This you discovered early in ceramics class:
you must add feathers to every clay creation

else what’s meant to be convex suddenly concaves
becomes an unstable, flat mistake creation—

without a hint of wing giving each piece spirit
every vase attempt becomes a tray creation.

As you explain your practice and this lesson learned,
Halima prays feathers — for sixth-day creation.

–Laura M Kaminski, writing as Halima bint Ayuba

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  1. These are nice poems with great images. Good work!

    Best wishes for the holiday season!

    Janet Ruth Heller
    Author of the poetry books Exodus (WordTech Editions, 2014), Folk Concert: Changing Times (Anaphora Literary Press, 2012) and Traffic Stop (Finishing Line Press, 2011), the scholarly book Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama (University of Missouri Press, 1990), and the award-winning book for kids about bullying, How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Arbordale, 2006).
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