Poetry from Harmony Wicker


I will not apologize. My sorries and I didn’t-mean-tos have no place in your mind. I hope you will forget me. The tabloids and online press claim you have. I hope it’s true. Many say I am sad. Bitter, towards your new girl. But, the thing they have placed in the back of their minds, is that it was me, I, who kissed him. I took the risk. And sure, we were in love. Or maybe that was just an illusion. A mask we put on without even knowing. A way to get the tickets to sell faster. So that when all the teenage girls and their moms watched the movie, they would all think, “It’s not just a fantasy. They’re really dating.” And soon, fans believed that just like the movie, our love was eternal. But we are not immortal. And our love was never real. It was just an illusion, just a movie ticket, just something to occupy my thoughts. So I hope you have forgotten about me. Because I have forgotten about you.

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