Poetry from J.J. Campbell

Author J.J. Campbell
Author J.J. Campbell
failure after failure
this endless display
a woman still acting
like a child that needs
trying to figure out
how to attract the
man of her dreams
hard to sit back and
watch failure after
the sheer inability to
get her shit together
too old for games
too old for loose
too old for more
chaos than is
fucking needed
best that none of
us think about what
could have been
the lobby of a hospital
watching porn
in the lobby
of a hospital
tempted to turn
up the volume
just to see if
anyone is
the woman at
the desk gives
me an evil stare
she'll probably
understand when
i ask where is
the bathroom
loved dancing in the rain
you always wanted
to be the carefree
soul that loved
dancing in the
instead that rain
triggers all the
arthritis slowly
killing you and
leaves you
crippled in
a chair
the alcohol only
helps so much
the pills don't
do much anymore
there's a bent spoon
and a needle on the
table beside the bed
just enough to take
the edge off
hopefully soon enough
it will be more than
enough to carry you
to the other side
nowhere to be found
i was asked to take
an honest look at
so, i did
five foot nine
339 lbs.
moderately depressed
morbidly obese
arthritis from head
to toe
a failing liver
a love for alcohol
crazy women and
a passionate lover
of sports, music
and the word fuck
the doctor then asked
where is god in all of this
as usual, i said
nowhere to be found
dance between the dull moments
after hours in medical facilities
always gets a little creepy
you used to be one of them
perverts on the cleaning crew
you know what kind of thoughts
dance between the dull moments
on yet another boring ass day

J.J. Campbell (1976 – ?) is old enough to know where the bodies are buried. He’s been widely published over the years, most recently at Horror Sleaze Trash, The Beatnik Cowboy, Black Coffee Review, Terror House Magazine and Cajun Mutt Press. You can find him most days on his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (https://evildelights.blogspot.com)

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