Poetry from J.J. Campbell

the rules of any society
scribbling poems
in the rain
like this poor soul
that doesn't play
by the rules of
any society
flicked cigarette butts,
empty bags of fast
food trash, and a cruel
car of teenagers and
the asshole dare of
tossing piss
he has seen it all
nothing dares to ever
come close to surprising
him anymore
school shooting
celebrity death
war in a foreign land
he knows what it
really is
not made of sugar
old bones
in the rain
caught out
in the elements
without a jacket
or umbrella
you remember
your father
telling you
you're not
made of
you won't
fucking melt
as you got older,
you realized he
was full of shit
thankfully, that
fucker is in the
it won't be long
now, you will
be as well
at least parts
of you
i figure most
of the body
will be burned
to destroy
the evidence
like failure is not the only option
laughing at my perv switch
as i watch a black woman
walk back into the offices
to go clean them
should i strike up a
conversation and see
what happens or should
i see if she just wants
cash instead
somewhere my mother
is reading this and knows
she has failed
like failure is not the only
option available to us all
she just caught me staring
at her
that wasn't the finger
i was hoping for
my answer to john fogerty
yes, i have seen
the fucking rain
it hasn't stopped
around here for
nearly five days
before too long,
i'm expecting cats
and dogs to start
falling from the
and between the
drops i'm expected
to shop among
the masses
like hell
the less i am
around people
the better i feel
and i know,
i sound like
the bitter old
fuck that secretly
wants it both ways
so be it
for days on end
dark brown skin
and enough curves
to keep your imagination
buzzing for days on end
there's a certain way
the hips shake that you
know that a challenge
is ahead of you
but a certain body part
is more than willing to
not only accept that
but conquer that
mountain and plant
a damn flag on it
Middle aged white man with a beard standing in a bedroom with posters on the walls
J.J. Campbell

J.J. Campbell (1976 – ?) is currently serving time in suburbia, taking care of his disabled mother. He has been widely published over the years, most recently at The Beatnik Cowboy, Horror Sleaze Trash, Misfit Magazine, Mad Swirl and Terror House Magazine. You can find him most days on his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (https://evildelights.blogspot.com)

2 thoughts on “Poetry from J.J. Campbell

  1. Always great to read! The concision and passion in these moves; energizes and makes you question.

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