Poetry from J.J. Campbell

Middle aged white man with a beard standing in a bedroom with posters on the walls
J.J. Campbell
bomb threat
bomb threat in the
next town over at
a parts factory
they normally
happen at a high
someone wants to
get out of a quiz
but at a factory
the only thing
i can think of
is today must
have been
drug test day
opioids are still
mighty popular
out here in the
been tricked so many times before
some angel will surely
want to love me one
of these days
i just hope i am still
breathing when that
moment arrives
been tricked so many
times before all the
options on the dark
side of life have
become ever more
my patience is wearing
thin these days
i wouldn't say i have
lost hope, just that it
does an incredible
job playing hide
and seek
before desperation becomes...
pretty quiet outside
aside from the cars
and occasional trucks
driving by
this is the eerie quiet
before the shit hits
the fan
before arguments are
ended in gunfire
before desperation
becomes the saddest
written in blood
found on the floor
among dirty underwear
and a nearly empty
bottle of jack
a morphine drip
you always wanted
a morphine drip for
thought that would
be the perfect gift
that kept on giving
the times have changed
drug dealers seem
to not mind killing
off their own customers
chasing that elusive
high, you should be
willing to die for it
every junkie has told
me that
i'm not chasing that
not even chasing
simply a stubborn
prick that wants to
die on his own terms
bruises fresh on the
arms and legs
the spanish princess
believes she is too
much of a burden
for me
and no matter how
much i argue that
this is not the case
she won't change
her mind
i shouldn't feel like
i lost something that
i never had, but i do
but heartache at this
point of my life doesn't
sting as much as when
i was younger
i'm guessing because
the finish line is in view
and i know i won't have
to deal with any of this
much longer

J.J. Campbell (1976 – ?) is trapped in suburbia, slowly losing hope. He’s been widely published over the years, most recently at just good poems, The Beatnik Cowboy, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Black Shamrock and The Rye Whiskey Review. You can find him most days on his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (https://evildelights.blogspot.com)