Poetry from Jake Cosmos Aller (one of nine poems)

God's Confession

I was sitting alone
In a god-forsaken bar
the Cosmos Bar in Soi Cowboy
 Bangkok, Thailand

On the lunatic fringes of society
Twenty drinks too sober
In the ass end 
of a Friday night booze binge

On the bad part of town
Over by railroad tracks
Heading to hell
As fast as I could drank it down

Enjoying my lonely drink
Drinking by my lonesome self
With my partners

Jimmy Bean, Jack Daniels, 
The Walker brother
Evan Williams And his old Granddad

Just drinking one bourbon,
 one scotch, and one beer
and hanging 
with Jack Daniel's 
gentlemen’s club 

A crazed bum
With a thousand-year stare
Walks up to me

He begins
Muttering to himself
Nutty nonsense

Crazy words
In a lunatic's voice

He had the look
Of one possessed
By his demons

Only he can see
Or hear

by a secret knowledge
Only he knew

Despite myself
I was fascinated
By this lunatic's tale

So I stopped him
And said

“Say, crazy little Dude!
So what's your game, Anyway?”

The short little dude
Stopped his insane prattle

Starting at me
With that
 thousand-year-old stare

Just another 
washed-up lunatic
Too many drugs

His mind blown away
Down too many rabbit holes 
Too many bad nights
On the wrong side of life

An ACID causality
From the 60s
Been down so long 
It looks like 
up to him

He looked at me
And proclaimed his story

He reared up
And filled up the room
And lifted the bar 

On his finger
And stared down at me
From the sky

And said

“Since you asked
I am Allah
The Alpha and Omega
And a billion other names
The real deal
The original dude of dudes
The Sultan of Swing
God of hosts
And the father of that Jesus dude

But no one knows me
Any more
No one cares
They think I am irrelevant
They think I am dead
They think I am a fairy tale
From some olden, ancient time
That my work is done

I looked at him
Carefully now

And what did I see
An old man
With that lunatic look

But there was something else
He was crazy

Sure. Yeah
Out there
Bat sh… looney tunes

But perhaps
he was the real deal
I mean why not

In this materialistic age 
Why would God not be
a wandering lunatic
wandering around loose

Talking to low lives like me
In a bar
On the highway to hell

So I looked at him
And invited him to share
His tale of cosmic woe

God tells me

“Well, it's like this
Many a year ago
People believed in me
But one day 
They quit believing in me
they moved on 

And they went on without me
As they left me
My powers got weaker and weaker

And so eventually I became
What you see today

A broken-down drunk
Hanging out
Looking for a handout
Looking for some company
Or at least a free dinner”

And he laughed 
and laughed

And I looked at him
And saw 
the beginnings of the end
And the ends 
of the beginnings

I saw a million planets
Flash by
Trillions of people
Thinking all at once

Thoughts filled my head
Lights flashed
And I knew

He was telling the truth
But it did not matter

In this day and age
Of materialism

God has no role
God is truly dead
And so I bought him a drink

And walked out of the bar
still twenty drinks too sober
Profoundly saddened 
From what I had seen

God was dead
And we had all conspired
To kill him

Long live God