Poetry from JD DeHart

Elephant Bones
Bending, curled, the tusks
and ribbons of calcium, solid
bleached white kingdom.
If you dare, gaze in the hollow
eyes, crawl inside and rest a while
in the cavity of memory.
There was a time these creatures
roamed the land, hard to stop
upon their charging.
Now they lay in stacks of littering
biological leftovers, making their
grinding way to fossilization.

The Cavern of the Mind
Deep, we dip into the cavern
of the mind.  All of today’s rambling
journey is brought back in surreal
Make sense of it, if you can.
The eyeless figure of warning
makes his transmogrified way
into the night’s flicker.
The parable told twice is rendered
again in stick figure colorless
Waking, begin a new step, let the
dream dissipate to make way
for another.
Haven’t You Heard
that life ain’t no crystal stair?
It’s the oft-quoted line, you know.
Now take a look at the listless
wandering, the abused dour passersby,
standing in their breadlines.
They have forgotten their names,
rambling about crimson moons,
last judgments.  They are bones walking.
Life is a tough ride, and these days it’s
even worse.  Year after of hard scrabble,
I suppose it piles up.
I’m attracted to no one’s
mess.  There is enough spillage
In a quiet afternoon when
I needed to work, the damaged
goods shuffled through the door.
You know how sometimes you
feel emotions and you just can’t…
But no, I say.  Stop there.
This is not your opportunity
to hop from one overriped
destruction to a new patch.
Goodbye, and shut the door
behind you, dear darling
dancer among self-created chaos.
The Best Time to Transplant
Usually, when the plant is young
it’s best.  That way, the plant has not
endured enough life to know
the difference.
Wait until it has rained.  The ground
is moist.  Don’t mention car insurance.
This will cause the plant to be rooted.
All the little potted wonder does these
days is play video games, plan
warfare, and pass gass.  Might as well
leave the house anyway.
That way his mother and I can reclaim
that room, create that office we’ve
always wanted, that exercise room
we’ve always need.  Or just leave it.
is just another word for
noise.  Static.  Get off your high horse
before you bust your bottom.
The best feedback starts with
I wonder if you have thought about…
What do you think would happen if?
The worst feedback is the got-you-game,
Oh, you mean you didn’t…
Oh, you should have…
Well, pardon me.  Allow as I admit
my first limitation:  I am limited.
Mystery solved, next slide please.

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