Poetry from Joan Beebe

There is an old friend
Who silently waits for me.
I walk by with hardly a glance,
But silently and hopefully she waits.
I thought about my old friend and
How I have neglected her.
Right then I decided it is time for me
To share my friendship with all my love.
The piano bench is gleaming
And calls me to come.
My fingers start playing
And the sound refreshes my soul.
I had fallen asleep when
Something strange occurred.
It seems I was in surgery with
Masked people everywhere.
There were many instruments
Lying on carts and everything very sterile.
Large lights shining down upon me and
All kinds of machines and oxygen tanks.
I had such a fear of what was going to come next.
Suddenly a hand from behind me took my hand –
It was warm, tender and loving.
I experienced the most peaceful feeling coming over me.
It was a feeling that I cannot even explain.
Never before had such a feeling of perfect peace
Come to me.
Though I can’t explain it, my wish is that the whole
World will know that “peace that surpasses understanding”