Poetry from Joan Beebe

A Heavenly Night of Beauty

It is a warm night with a cool breeze –

The air is filled with the scent of newly cut grass.

In the sky the moon is aglow with light flowing into

The darkened sky and lighting up the heavens.             

Many stars in the sky are twinkling and seem to

be dancing  in a waltz of joy.

Clouds are lazily floating across the sky

Creating an unreal luminous veil as they

Drift towards an unknown destination.  We

Gaze at the heavens, and let our senses

Beguile us into a dreamy state of mind.

The night has caressed us with its touch to the

Senses.  We embrace this night of beauty and

It will remain in our dreams forever.
Hearts That Are Broken

Sadness may fill a heart with longing —

Longing for the sound of a baby’s laughter

Or the sweet chirping of a bird outside your window.

Sounds of nature bring a pleasant relief to a

Heart that is feeling so alone.

One’s heart is so entwined within our emotions

And we need to let the purity of nature

Fill us with  joy as we immerse ourselves in the

Gifts of nature’s beauty.

Then our heart will know the peace that comes

With becoming a part of nature’s delight.
What is the use and Who Cares

A dark winged bird flew to me

With a stark and frightening message.

My precious was leaving me and a

Knife tore through my soul.

My emotions became that of anger,

Jealously and hopelessness.

Where do I go and what will become of me.

My days became those of despair and melancholy.

My nights are sleepless and my mind goes crazy.

In all this despair, I began to want to end this agony.

My thoughts are still with this idea and one of these

Days, I will be no more.

Where do we go

There is a saying about “any port in a storm”.

When our lives become like the rough undulating

Waves of an ocean—

We try to smooth our own waters of

Frightening peril and dangerous moments.

We cry out into the darkness surrounding us

Because we don’t know the way.

Suddenly we see a light illuminating this

Darkness.  We begin to realize that we

Have found our port in the storm.

Our faith in that light has brought

Us safely home.